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The awakening process

2015-03-09 13:24 #0 av: [Kathja]1

“Awakening is a process. It does not occur in a single moment. It is a gradual process of reassembling yourselves, adding pieces of who you are that have fractured off from your whole. You see, the task at hand for all of you is a reassembly. Now, you may wonder how this is done and how you would be able to do it.

And we say to you that the process is automatic. Your experience of it is what you are able to participate in consciously. So when you are encountering a teenager who is using drugs to numb her emotions, and you have compassion for her, then that piece of who you are that is that teenager is added back to the whole of who you are.

The more you see the others around you as parts of your whole, the easier and more enjoyable your experience will be. The reassembly process also involves a breaking down of barriers. And that too makes it easier and more enjoyable. So the more you can recognize yourselves in the others around you and welcome them back into the whole of who you are, the more you become a conscious participant.

And the more you struggle and push against those around you, attempting to keep them separate, the harder you make it on yourselves. You will continue to bring individuals into your lives who represent those pieces that still require reassembly until you drop your walls and let them in.

This does not mean that you must become best friends with everyone you meet. It just means that your willingness to accept them as they are brings a type of closure to your experience with them. And then you can choose to have whatever type of relationship you would like, and you will do so as more of the Whole Being that you really are.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”


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2015-03-09 13:26 #1 av: [Kathja]1

Ju mer motstånd vi gör, desto ondare gör det. När vi ser livet genom dualitetens ögon skärmar vi oss själva från allt som är vi. Omfamna livets varande som allt som är, som den kärlek det är. I allt, alltid. All is well.

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2015-03-09 16:20 #2 av: szirius

lidande ÄR ju motstånd...när man släpper motståndet försvinner lidandet.

Every time you suffer, it´s  because you see life in another way than source do...


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