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Ännu en tråd om kärlek SkämtarHjärta

Har sökt runt för att hitta lämplig tråd att klistra in det här men hittar ingen. De handlar alla om Kärlek, ni vet den som genomsyrar Allt ♥

Men det jag ville dela handlar mer om den kärlek som finns mellan människor på ett mer personligt plan.

Jag läste en text, eller rättare sagt jag översatte en text från estniska i Google translate och den översättningen är ju inte alltid hundra... men jag tycker att budskapet går fram mycket tydligt!!

Här är artikeln i originaal: http://naine24.postimees.ee/3085193/mis-on-oigupoolest-armastus

Man has the power to seduce and court unreceptive, but that would lead to love, can never be sure, writes for Psychology Today.

Love is greater than man. Love can attract new, but it is not possible to dictate how, when and in what manner of love expresses itself. You are able to choose whether or not allud love, but eventually it will hit you if you feel the thunderbolt, unpredictably, and steadfastly. So, you may find that you love someone you do not mind at all as a man of digital. Love has no conditions, stipulations, notes or instructions for use. Just like the sun, radiating love, independently of your desires and fears.

Love is essentially free. It can not be bought, sold or exchanged. You can not put yourself to love someone, but you can also prevent out of whatever how much money. Love can not be captured, it can not be regulated by law. Love is not a substance, goods, or even a liquid power source. Love knows no boundaries, nor is it possible to measure the amount of mass or energy.

Buy a can of sex and even a spouse. Laws can be adjusted over a marriage, and you can argue in court. Include the amount of assets, alimony and marriage contracts are phenomena which clearly confirms that marriage is primarily related to the agreements. But as we all know, it is not necessarily a marriage, forced or not, be associated with love.

All kinds of sex and sexual acts is able to sell, buy or exchange it for something else. Are Selling sex is right, it is quite a separate issue, but love itself can not be sold.

You can even buy loyalty, company, attention, or even sympathy, but not love. Orgasm can buy, can not love. Love is born spontaneously and at any time, regardless of people's planning.

Love can not be changed at a premium. It also can not be sentenced to tighten or banned. Attracting and drawing Orki someone pretending to be used, but it is not possible to express the true feeling, if it does not come straight from the heart.

Love is inherently compassionate and caring. Pure Love knows that the other person is free. This is the true nature of love, it can not be manipulated. Love respectful of each human soul. Love is the law for themselves