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Living with intention

2014-09-21 13:07 #0 av: [Kathja]1

“Living with intention is your ultimate creative act at this time. You may not be able to wave your hand and see a completely different reality forming around you, but you can live with intention in the reality that you do see. Living with intention is more than stating what you want out of a particular interaction or situation in your lives.

It is about holding the frequency you wish to hold, regardless of the outcome, regardless of what the others around you are saying or doing. The intention that you hold for the frequency that you offer is a powerful tool. Even if you do not hold that frequency for very long, you will have put your request out into the field and you will be more likely to remember that request and that intention.

We encourage you to let go of two things: your need to control and manipulate your environment into your version of paradise, and your willingness to criticize yourselves when you do not hold the frequency that you desire to hold. And what we do recommend is that you check in with yourselves with more regularity and ask yourselves what frequency you want to hold for this interaction, for this activity, for this entire day.

And welcome in all that is a match to that frequency. For what is a match to that frequency will begin to show itself to you in many forms and sometimes from the individuals you would least expect to see that frequency coming from.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.” (källa)

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2014-09-21 17:45 #1 av: Älvan

Mycket bra text. Genom nuet, intentionen och tilliten befinner vi redan oss där vi vill vara. Dvs inget drömmande om ett sen. Bara leva, leva, leva exakt i stunden!

Såhär formulerade sig en tolvårig engelskspråkig pojke med aspberger;
Before there was only nothing...and then God created space, to create hope and then time because of longing..

Det är så ofattbart vackert och fyllt av visdom. Jag känner pappan som också är extraordinär!


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