Believing is the final step

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“Believing is the final step. Knowing is the manifestation point. You can let yourselves into the frequency of that which you desire so easily now. Because of the time that you are living in, there is a greater potential for you to be in that frequency. And there is no stopping you from manifesting that which you want to experience. It all starts with the desire. And knowing that the desire is in actuality the same energy as the manifestation puts you on the right track.

Believing is the final step. But how do you believe in something that has not ever been and that you see no evidence of? You let go of any lingering doubts, and you do that one doubt at a time. So as your doubts spring to the surface of your consciousness, you let them go just as you would let go of any thought during a meditation.

There is a tendency in all of you to experience the doubt and then to hold on to the doubt. You do this by lamenting the fact that the doubt still exists, and you continue to attach yourself to the doubt as you beat up on yourself for holding the doubt in the first place.

Our recommendation for manifestation is to be as relaxed about the process as you possibly can and to let yourselves off the hook every time you doubt your abilities and every time you notice that what you desire has not begun to show its face. We give you this now because we encourage you to live your lives as a meditation. And if you are going to meditate, you are going to focus. So why not focus on the reality you would prefer?

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”


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Perfekt!! HjärtaSol

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Eller hur!!!  VågHjärtaSolRegnbåge

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