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Ophelia ~ en kanalisering av Daniel Scranton. Hjärta


“I am here. I am with you.

I am allowing myself to be fully open. I am receiving your energy as you are receiving mine. There is not a single closed system in all of the universe. All energy is moving between all beings, and it is a constant flow. You can allow more or less, but the flow will always be constant, and you will always be its regulator when it comes to your existence.

I encourage all of you to examine where the flow is strong and where it is being cinched off, and ask yourself why. Why would I want to cinch off energy? What is it that I am afraid of? What is it I am afraid will become of me if I allow more of this energy in this area, or from this person, or from this group?

You can regulate the flow according to your desires. You do not have to worry about the floodgates being opened or being caught up in the current, because you will always have that ability to tend to the flow.

Be willing to increase the outward flow as well, and also examine why would you want to hold your own energy back. Are you believing in shortage or depletion of the energy that sustains you? You have the ability to give so much more, just as you have the ability to receive. Your life can be a constant flow of energy, coming and going.

You know what this feels like, because you have all experienced it at some point in some area of your life. I ask you to reach for the vibration that you experienced and apply it to those areas where you do not feel the flow, or you do not feel that you are in the flow.

And always, ease up on yourselves. For if you notice that you have been restricting the flow of energy and then you decide that you are going to work very hard to change that, then chances are you will still restrict that energy. You will just do so with more intensity.

So you must relax in order to allow and in order to be in the flow. This is a letting go process. This is an awareness that you are seeking. And I know you will find it, because it is your birthright and because you are all so blessed.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”