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Linn brukar lägga ut dessa ibland, men nu då hon är ute och cyklar så gör jag det istället...


“Place your attention on anything that you can that will give you sense of joy and excitement in your being, and remember that you are the one who has found your own frequency in that moment. You are not a responder-to something; you are a generator-of it, and you also have the ability to conjure up a frequency. So you do not actually need to think a thought or to be in the presence of that which you are placing your attention on in order for you to have the experience of the frequency that you desire to experience. It is all you. It is always you. Everything is you, and you are everything.

So your life is about choosing what expression you desire to experience and putting your attention there. You all get hung up on the external as the reason for feeling something, for allowing yourself to experience something. You all want things. You all desire circumstances. You all have your core group of people that you like to hang out with. And that is f...ine, and we are not here to rain on anyone’s parade. However, we just want to remind you that you don’t need anything or anyone in order for you to have the experience of yourself that you desire to have. It is all about your intention and your willingness to find the frequency that you prefer.

So let go of all of your attachments right now, and see if by releasing yourself from those people and places and things that you so desire, you now have the ability to clear out any and all emotional attachments that you have made. So you have attachments to certain emotions as well. And when you let go of everything that you think of as being important to your existence and your experience and you simply exist as a being of love and a being of frequency, then you can easily float your way up to the fifth dimension. It is your attachments that hold you in place.

You must think of yourself as someone who could run very fast and as also someone who has chained themself to various solid objects and who has also been choosing some heavy emotional states. And as you see how much faster you can run without the chains and without the heavy emotions, now you understand our analogy completely about letting go, about allowing yourself to exist as you are, in this moment, and seeing how easy it is to find a frequency, to maintain your preferred state of being, and to exist as the whole being that needs not push against any aspect of itself. There is no stopping you now.”

~ The Creators, channeled by danielscranton.com